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4 Factors to Consider While Choosing Fitted Covers

by Admin Developer 19 Sep 2022

Fitted bed sheets come in different types, materials, and color. Which one is appropriate for you? First, identify what type of sleeper you are. Next, consider your budget. Finally, think about your style. Do you prefer a plain or patterned sheet? Here, we’ve mentioned some things you should consider before buying fitted covers. Let's move forward and discuss the material. Choosing a fitted cover is simple and convenient option. In this write-up, we have mentioned four key factors to consider. Make sure to think about these factors before going out to get a fitted cover.



Understand the Specifications of Different Material

The fitted sheet is a rectangular piece of cloth tailored to a bed's proportions and is commonly composed of cotton, linen, or polyester. When it comes to the fabric used to make fitted bedding, there are numerous options. The fitted covers, on the other hand, complement a variety of fabrics, some of which are light, soft, and crisp, as well as breathable and comfortable. Let's talk about material durability before deciding which is best for you. Percale, cotton, and linen are the three most commonly utilized fabrics in many of them.

  • Percale 

Percale is a fabric made with a plain or basket boxes weave, one thread over, one thread under, a system in use hundreds of times. The Percale weave offers strength, continuity, and a crisp feel. The fabric with a 200 threads count or higher is called Percale. It is lightweight and crisp. Percale is presumably what you'll find in utmost high-end hospices and what you slept on as a child. It's a strong feather weave, cool and crisp – perfect all-time round and particularly good for warmer rainfall and hot slumbers. 

  • Cotton 

Cotton fabric is made from the fibres of the cotton plant and is a natural material. It is the most flexible and versatile fabric globally, available in a wide range of weaves. Cotton is the most popular material. Many people think of cotton as a fabric that has been around for hundreds of years. Cotton is the most used fabric because it is incredibly soft, breathable, and comfy to crawl.

  • Linen

Linen, like cotton, is a natural fibre, but because flax fibres can be tough to weave, it takes longer to extract and produce into the fabric. The plant's fibres are removed and stored for a long time to soften their fibers. 


Get the Right Measurement of Bedding

A fitted cover is a great way to secure the mattress from dirt, dust, and spills. It's essential to get an accurate measurement with measurement tape. By measuring your mattress and using the information to find your bed sheet size, you can ensure you get the most comfortable fit. These covers come in various colors and sizes to fit snugly on multiple mattresses. The best way to determine what size sheet suits you is to measure your bed and compare the results to the measurements provided on the sheet. 

To find the right size bedding sheets, you'll need to measure your bed's length, width, and height. If you have a Western-style bed with a headboard, measure the distance from the top of the headboard to the floor. This is your bed's "base height. If you have a low or no-headboard bed, measure the distance from the floor to where you want your sheet to cover the mattress; this is your bed's base length. "To determine your bed's width, subtract base length from base height. This is your bed's "width. “To determine your bed's depth, add width to base length. This is your bed's "depth."

Too Hot Sleeper or too Cold?

Before buying bedding products, don't forget to consider your sleeping style. Choosing fitted covers is essential if you're a light sleeper. Fitted covers are designed to fit perfectly and keep you cool during the hot summer. It also protects your mattress from every edge and keeps it clean and protected. If you're a heavy sleeper or tend to sweat in your sleep, it may be better to choose a heavyweight bed sheet. Heavier sheets grab more heat and can make you feel overheated, especially in the summer.

Check the Thread Count 

Selecting the excessive thread count is one of the most critical factors. A fitted cover fits your mattress snugly and has a few tight stitches around the edge to prevent it from slipping while crawling. A high thread count means the bed sheets are softer and more comfortable. But, it is more expensive than low thread count sheets. So, choose a lower thread count bed sheet if the budget is limited. The high thread count sheet is squishy and comfortable to sleep on. It will also resist wrinkles better, meaning it will look nicer for longer. However, choose a higher thread count bedding sheet if you want comfortable sleep and durability.

Feel Cozy and Sleep Better with Homes Perception Bedding 

It's time to wrap up the four factors to consider while choosing a fitted cover. When selecting the perfect sheet, above mentioned a few things you'll want to take into account. First and foremost, ensure that the sheet size is correct; if it's too large, it will slide off your bed each time you move around in your sleep, and if it's too small, you'll wrap through the sheet all night long. Second, consider the fabric; some materials are more breathable than others, which can relax you during hot summer nights. Third, don't forget your sleeping style. Fourth and finally, consider the thread count before buying. However, choosing the bedding that fits perfectly and gives the utmost comfort is pivotal. Shortly, the fitted bedding for mattress protection is the obvious choice. So, don't forget about these factors if you want to buy quality bedding. Thanks for reading!

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